Fresh fruit of excellence, from Atacama

to the rest of the world

Our Company

Frutícola & Exportadora Atacama Ltd. was created in 1983, with table grapes plantations in Copiapó valley, in the Atacama Region in the north of Chile. Currently, we have 1,800 hectares planted with table grapes, citrus and avocados in the productive zones of Copiapó (Atacama Region) and Vicuña (Coquimbo Region). We are members of the main genetic programs of new varieties in the world, which gives us a great diversity of varieties and harvest times during the season.

Experience and commitment

Our Team

Our table grapes are produced in our own plantations, which are handled by a team of dynamic professionals, who efficiently integrate technology with the commercial and exportation process, with the purpose of supplying different markets around the world. From production to the marketing process, the grapes are carefully monitored by a qualified group of professionals, who ensure that only the best quality grapes are exported. Our team’s commitment is to provide a select final product that meets the highest quality standards. Our Customer Service Department is ready to respond to customer requirements proactively. We invite you to work with us, visit our plantations and facilities in the Copiapó Valley and the Vicuña Valley, in addition to our offices in Santiago, Chile.

Renewable energy

Chile’s largest self-consumption photovoltaic plant

Commitment to the environment

In the Copiapó area, we have a 3 MWh photovoltaic plant, which supplies energy to our internal consumption. In this way, we contribute to the care of the environment through the use of renewable energy.